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About The App House

The App House was founded in 2009 by Jeb Ory and Kilton Hopkins as a way for everyone to get involved in mobile apps easily. The App House was built to handle all of the ins and outs of creating mobile apps and bringing them to market - so you don't have to.

At The App House, we specialize in putting together all of the people and pieces needed to "make apps happen". We accomplish it all through our proven network of designers, programmers, and marketing professionals.

Management Team

Picture of Jeb Ory, The App House CEO

Jeb Ory

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder

Jeb loves making things happen. He brings to The App House years of experience pulling together the right people and motivating clients to build marketing solutions. He believes that solving for a consumer's needs and wants IS the heart of his business--and founded The App House to make Apps accessible to everyone. Jeb lives in Chicago with his wife, Lea, and loves travelling, playing poker, and water sports.

Picture of Kilton Hopkins, The App House CTO

Kilton Hopkins

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder

Kilton is a serial entrepreneur who loves technology. He has been programming computers since he was eight years old, and has spent over a decade providing IT services for a variety of firms. Whether the subject is finance, healthcare, scientific study, social networking, or anything else...Kilton will make the technology happen. He makes sure The App House builds great mobile apps so the world of software keeps getting better.

Picture of Bill Hope, CPA, The App House CFO

Bill Hope, CPA

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Bill Hope's background includes public accounting experience as an external auditor in consumer products and financial institutions. After working in public accounting, he has enjoyed success in financial institution corporate accounting and non-profit financial reporting. He has served as Treasurer and Board President for a social justice non-profit and enjoys spending his leisure time with his wife and young son.